Panchkarma is a five fold detox treatment comprising vasthy, virecahana, nasya, vamana and raktamoksha. Its not a massage therapy or oil therapy, however oil therapies are performed as a preparatory process called poorvakarma. Panchakarma is aimed at  complete expulsion of unbalanced humors of body and purification of channels of circulation. Our consultant shall choose the required therapy after detailed analysis of doshas of your body.This therapy can be implemented not only for curing ailments but also formaintainig health.


Vasthy therapy is an Enema or administration of medicated oils & different herbal decoctions through anus. Common ingredients are honey, rock salt, medicated oil, herbal pastes and decoctions. Standard procedure is done for 8 or 15 days. Highly effective for Arthritis, Spondylosis, Back pain, Paralysis, Neurological disorders, Obesity etc.

Our consultants are experienced in special combinations of enema and we perform therapy in most safest and hygienic way.

Types of vasti given here are-

  • Niroohavasti-decoction enema
  • Ksheeravasti-medicated milk enema
  • Anuvasanavasti-oil enema
  • Matravasti-oil enema in small quantity
  • Yoga vasti-combination of of 8 enemas
  • Kaalavasti-combination of 15 enemas

This is a therapeutic purgation induced by certain safe and natural medications.The patient will be advised to take15-30 grams of medicine in morning in empty stomach with luke warm water.The body is replenished with plenty of fluids during the procedure.


Nasyam is a powerful rejuvenation therapy, in which drops of medicated oil in exact dose instilled in each nostril of the patient. . Nasya cures many serious ailments like loss of consciousness, stupor, insomnia, chronic headaches, hysteria and facial paralysis. It also removes mucous clogs, cleans and clears the head channels, cures headaches, migraine and stimulates brain cells .3-10 drops of medicine are instilled into nostrils,followed by deep inspiration of medicine into sinuses and spitting out dirty clogged mucous, then fumigation by herbs. Basically of two types Marsha Nasya & Pratimarshanasya.


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